Saturday, June 8, 2013

Arthur's Lady's Home Magazine June 1863

Baby's Ride
Spring and Summer Dress
Braid for Dress or Mantle
Embroidery For Skirt
Street Dress of light silk, trimmed with narrow black silk ruffles.
The hair is cut short in the front, and curled, the little curls being arranged over frizettcs, to give the coiffure the shape indicated in the illustration. The rest of the hair is parted down the centre, tied on each side behind the ear, and then arranged in as many curls as it is possible so to do. Single roses and leaves are dotted here and there amongst the curls in front, and an ornamental comb, with a flower on each side, finishes the head dress behind.

Is rolled off the face, very much in the style of the Coiffure Rachel, but with a different arrangement behind. It is dressed lower on the neck, and has the addition of several long curls falling gracefully on the shoulders. Small sprays of flowers are arranged amongst the rolls.

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