Saturday, September 8, 2012

Peterson's Magazine for September 1862

 Fig 1 - Carriage Dress of Purple Silk - The skirt is trimmed with two fluted ruffles, headed by a band of silk braided with black. The body is very close, and is covered by a Spanish jacket of the same material as the dress, and together with the sleeves is also heavily braided with black. The pointed belt corresponds with the jacket. Bonnet of white crepe, trimmed with white ostrich plumes and black velvet.
 Fig II -  Riding Habit of Blue Cashmere - The skirt is three eighths longer than an ordinary dress skirt. The body is made with a Hungarian basque. The sleeves are close to the wrist, but slashed about the middle of the arm, showing a white under sleeve. Straw hat, trimmed with white and black plumes.
Pin Cushion in Applique
Materials  - 1/4 yard of blue silk; 1 bunch of white opaque beads; 1 bunch of jet beads; some pieces of blue, black and white velvet. Cut the upper side of the cushion out of blue silk the proper size. The medallions are of black velvet, which must be cut very true, then slightly gummed on the under side, and then placed upon the silk at the corner, as seen in the design. The leaves in the center of medallions are of blue velvet to be put on in the same way. The Maltese cross in the center of the cushion is of white velvet, or if preferred, it may be done in white beads. The edges of the medallions, leaves, and the spaces between, are finished by sewing alternately one jet and one white bead very closely together, so that all the raw edges of the velvet may be neatly covered. The cross, if made of velvet, must be finished in the same way, only omiting the jet beads. Finish the cushion with a loop fringe of white and black beads. This design may be enlarged for a sofa cushion: any other combination of colors being substituted.
New Style for Dressing the Hair
Children's Fashions
Fig I - A little Girl of four or five, in a Blue Poplin. Frock decorated with braid. The body is plain with a plait on each side; the back is cut with side pieces. A bertha pointed both before and behind ornaments the body. The white puffed sleeve is surmounted by a pointed jockey. The skirt laps over from right to left under the bow of the sash. The small ruches on the body and skirt are made of silk ribbon.
 Fig 11 - Child of three Years Old. Frock of English quilting embroidered with black worsted in English stitch. This embroidery presents pointed tabs on the body, an insertion at the neck, a fret ornament on tho skirt, and insertions on the pockets and sleeves. These embroideries are enclosed between rows of black braid.
 Fig III - A Boy of nine or ten. A sailor's straw hat, an over coat of light cassimore with embroideries and black braid.
Irene Paletot
Pompadour Pelisse
Made of black silk. This garment consists of a flat shoulder piece to which the pelisse is sewed. 0n this piece are ruches of colored silk forming an almond. The ruche is braided with black. Another ruche, also of colored silk, borders the piece, the openings for the arms, and the edges of tho pelisse. A braided design on the ruches. A deep lace forms a berthe.The two corners at bottom are braided.
New Style Fall Bonnets

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Journal des Demoiselles for September 1862

Première toilette. — Robe de tarlatane blanche, à petit volant dans le bas, surmonté de sept rangs de velours noirs; une draperie en tarlatane est relevée de distance en distance par des agrafes de velours. La pèlerine est en guipure noire. — Chapeau canotier avec une rose devant; une longue plume tournant denière.

Deuxième toilette. — Robe de soie unie. Collet de soie ou de cachemire soutaché et garni de dentelle tiès-haute. — Chapeau de paille blanche; touffe de fleurs et de dentelle noire; bavolet double.

Toilette déjeune fille. — Robe de foulard de l'Inde, ornée d'un large bouillonné. — Corsage décolleté.— Manches arrondies et ceinture longue, garnies d'un bouillonné. — Pèlerine en mousseline bordée d'une bande festonnée et froncée. — Sous-manches en mousseline, poignet garni d'un coquillé festonné.

Toilette de petit garçon. — Blouse en popeline garnie de quatre velours noirs, séparés par un rang de boutons d'acier. — Manches à revers. — Ceinture en veloars. — Pantalon demi-long pareil à la blouse, ayant deux velours sur le côté, et huit on dix boutons d'acier. — Sous-manches en nansouk. — Col et manchettes en toile.

Toilette de jeune fille. — Robe en alpaga, deux ruches également en alpaga posées au-dessus de l'ourlet. — Corsage montant. — Manches à revers. — Collet pareil à la robe, garni de deux niches. — Chapeau de crin orné de violettes. — Sous-manches en organdi. — Col plissé.